Member 2020, New Leap Forward, the Pan-Yellow Sea!


Pan-Yellow Sea Forum (“we”) consider our clients’ personal information important.
All collected and processed information is protected under the “Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Protection of Information” Act.
The following notices explain the collection and use of personal information. Please consent to the following notices after acquisition. You may refuse to provide personal information; however, in case of refusal to provide personal information for the Pan-Yellow Sea Forum, we must notify you that your application cannot proceed.

We do not use processed personal information for purposes other than the following, and in order to change the purpose of use, prior consent is required. You can request corrections from the administrator when you want to change any errors in your personal information

[Purpose of Use]
Collected personal information is used for the Pan-Yellow Sea Forum.

[Contents of Use]
Participants’ information (name, birth date, e-mail address, phone number, academic and professional experience, others); team members' information (name, birth date, position, academic and professional experience, others); introduction of business (company name, business registration number, date of incorporation, capital, investments, number of employees, homepage url, revenue, company history, business description); product or service (name of product/service, description of product/service, other).

[Period of Use]
In principle, relevant personal information is destroyed without delay when the purpose of processing said personal information has been accomplished.
- Period of use and possession: within 10 years of the date of consent of collection and use.

[Way of destruction]
Collected personal information will be safely processed and outdated information will be permanently deleted/destroyed.
Do you agree with the collection and use of personal information?