Speakers 2020, New Leap Forward, the Pan-Yellow Sea!

Invited speaker at the 6th Yellow Sea Forum

Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech

Opening Ceremony

    • Name YANG Seung-jo
    • Job Title Govenor, Chungcheongnam-do

Congratulatory Address

    • Name KIM Myoung-sun
    • Job Title Chairperson, Chungcheongnam-do Council
    • Name XING Haiming
    • Job Title Ambassador, Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Korea
    • Name TOMITA Koji
    • Job Title Ambassador, Embassy of Japan in Korea

Welcome Address

    • Name HWANG Seon-bong
    • Job Title Mayor, Yesan

Keynote Speech

    • Name LEE Jong Seok
    • Job Title Former Minister of Unification

Special Session : Peace

Ways to Establish Pan-Yellow Sea Peace Process


    • Name MOON Chung-in
    • Job Title President’s Special Advisor on Unification, Diplomacy and national Security Affairs


    • Name KO Bong-jun
    • Job Title Professor, Political Science and Diplomacy at Chungnam National University


    • Name YU Shaohua
    • Job Title Director & Senior Research Fellow, China Institute of International Studies
    • Name NISHINO Junya
    • Job Title Professor, Dept. of Political Science at Keio University
    • Name KIM Yong Hyun
    • Job Title Professor, North Korean Studies at Dongguk University
    • Name LIU Xiaotao
    • Job Title Seoul Bureau Chief, Science&Technology Daily
    • Name OKASAKA Kentaro
    • Job Title Seoul Bureau Chief, Kyodo News

Prosperity 1

Regional governments’ attitude in the face of the era of low-birth rate and aging population


    • Name SEO Hyungsoo
    • Job Title Presidential Committee on Aging Society and Population Policy


    • Name Moon Mugyeong
    • Job Title Vice President/Head Director, Office of Planning & Coordination at Korea Institute of Child Care and Education


    • Name SHIN Heajong
    • Job Title Professor, Social Welfare at Soonchunhyang University
    • Name Nina Morad BOEL
    • Job Title Health Counsellor, Embassy of Denmark in Korea
    • Name NOZAWA Sachiko
    • Job Title Associate Professor, Graduate school of Education at The University of Tokyo

Prosperity 2

Ways of cooperation with the Pan-Yellow Sea for the restoration of marine ecosystem and sustainable use of resources


    • Name HUH Jae-Yeong
    • Job Title Chairperson, Water Commission Support Department


    • Name YOOK Keunhyung
    • Job Title Senior Researcher, Marine Policy Research Division at The Korea Maritime Institute


    • Name KIM Dong-il
    • Job Title Mayor, Boryeong
    • Name MAENG Jeong-Ho
    • Job Title Mayor, Seosan
    • Name KIM Hong-jang
    • Job Title Mayor, Dangjin
    • Name NOH Pakrae
    • Job Title Mayor, Seocheon
    • Name KIM Seokwhan
    • Job Title Mayor, Hongseong
    • Name KA Se-ro
    • Job Title Mayor, Taean

Symbiosis 1

Ways to collaborate and promote the tourism industry by utilizing shared historical and cultural resources in the Pan-Yellow Sea Region


    • Name CHOI Suck Won
    • Job Title Former President, Kongju National University


    • Name TU Keguo
    • Job Title Director, International Confucian Research and Exchange Center of Shandong Academy of Social Sciences
    • Name JEE Jinho
    • Job Title Professor, Global Hotel & Tourism at KONYANG UNIVERSITY


    • Name CHOI Bo-geun
    • Job Title Director, Tourism Policy Bureau at Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
    • Name Yoon Yong-hyuk
    • Job Title Emeritus Professor, Kongju National University
    • Name KIM Sang-ho
    • Job Title Institute of Philosophy, Vietnam Academy of Social sciences

Symbiosis 2

Ways to collaborate for public health and sanitation in the Pan-Yellow Sea Region


    • Name KIM Jae Il
    • Job Title Director, Dankook University Hospital


    • Name SHIN Young-Jeon
    • Job Title Professor, Preventive Medicine at Hanyang University College of Medicine


    • Name WANG Xuanyi
    • Job Title Research Scientist, Institutes of Biomedical Sciences at Fudan University
    • Name UM Ju-hyun
    • Job Title Secretary General, Medical Aid For Children
    • Name KIM Soon Ae
    • Job Title Director, Department of Evaluation and Research at Korea Foundation for International Healthcare