Program 2020, New Leap Forward, the Pan-Yellow Sea!

6th Pan-Yellow Sea Fourum Program

October 29 (Thur.), 2020 Splas Resom Resort, Deoksan
08:45 ~ 09:30 Registration 1F Lobby
09:30 ~ 10:30 Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speech Grand Hall
10:30 ~ 12:00 Peace: Ways to Establish Pan-Yellow Sea Peace Process
  • To discuss tasks of each region required for the peace-building in the Pan-Yellow Sea Region and ways to establish inter-regional peace process
12:00 ~ 13:30 Official Luncheon
13:30 ~ 15:00 Prosperity 1 : Regional governments’ attitude in the face of the era of low-birth rate and aging population
  • To explore the attitude of regional governments in Korea, China and Japan in the advent of the era of low-birth rate and aging population and to come up with implications and ways for mutual cooperation while looking into the cases of European countries which have already entered the era of low-birth rate and aging population
Space A
Prosperity 2 : Ways of cooperation with the Pan-Yellow Sea for the restoration of marine ecosystem and sustainable use of resources
  • The key is to understand that the Pan-Yellow Sea Region is surrounded by the ‘Yellow Sea.’ Instead of viewing the “Yellow Sea” as a site of conflict and dispute, now we need to discuss ways to make it as a venue for regional governments of each country to enhance collaboration and friendship while making mutual efforts to utilize marine ecosystem and water resources.
Grand Hall
15:00 ~ 15:30 Coffee Break 1F Lobby
15:30 ~ 17:00 Symbiosis 1 : Ways to collaborate and promote the tourism industry by utilizing shared historical and cultural resources in the Pan-Yellow Sea Region
  • Sea is a path connecting regions with regions and countries with countries. In the past, countries in the Pan-Yellow Sea Region exchanged cultures across the sea. Against the backdrop of such a history, this forum is aimed to explore how to utilize historical and cultural assets of the Pan-Yellow Sea Region and discuss ways of collaboration to boost inter-regional tourism.
Space A
Symbiosis 2 : Ways to collaborate for public health and sanitation in the Pan-Yellow Sea Region
  • In 2020, the entire world is hit by the shock of COVID-19 pandemic. Starting with China, in particular, Korea and Japan are among countries who are seriously affected by the pandemic. This shows that virus knows no borders. This session is to take lessons from COVID-19 pandemic and explore ways of collaboration for the promotion of public health and sanitation in the Pan-Yellow Sea region.
Grand Hall